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Gästebucheintrag Giancarlo

Searching for peace, searching for silence,

searching for rest to old bones tired…

Where shall we go, where shall we lie

with eyes closed in dreams sweet and long.

Thinking of this, thinking of that, it costs too much,

it is too far, no we cannot, no we can’t go, oh my.

Stay in your house, read all the books that your

hands never touched, nor have your eyes ever seen.

Watch all your videos and laugh at the stories

of Mikey and Shaun, cartoons galore for all to enjoy.

Yes, but……..

Telephone rings, mail in the box, people who knock,

others who say “When can I come, when can I see you”.

“Can you come here speaking to us,

can you go there speaking to them"

“When can I see you, where can I see you,

when can I talk and listen to you."

No rest, no rest, too much to do, too many people around!

And the weather? Who said that England is light and green?

Grey is the word, grey is the sky, all day and night,

cold is the air, wet and damp and murky and foggy and muggy...

Uaaah, get me out of here! Give me the sun, give me the beach,

give me the sand and give me the grass, green and dry,

give me great walks where my bones will be finally dry.

Give me good food, plenty and tasty and fresh and luscious,

give the wine, so much of it that you can never drink it all.

Give me a call and I will certainly answer.

Guess what? It did come, yes it did, with an offer so sweet and generous and lovely that no one could ever resist.

Here we are, yeah!, yeah!, here we come, yeah!

We pack and go, no books in the case, no videos, no nothing.

Just only one book, the Word and the Prayer and plenty of time

to sleep and dream, to eat and rest and laugh and play,

to praise the Lord who made it all and gave us such friends as

Tom and Lisa and Samuel and Daniel and Jael and Josiah

and little but cheeky Salome the baby.

Forgot anyone? No, how can we? Forget him? Never!

The most precious fluffy black thing, who enjoys to chase balls

and eat from your hand, with love of such greatness as Jo-Jo the dog.

Are we rested? Oh, yes as never before.

Are we blessed? Oh, yes as never like that.

Are we tanned? Oh, yes as never for years.

Are we well fed? Oh, yes, as at a 5 Michelin stars.

Are we refreshed? Oh, yes, that ice-cream...

Are we loved? Oh, yes as hardly so much.

Are we happy? What can I say?


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